(VIDEO) China: Massive Alien Outpost Operating on the Far Side of the Moon

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Reality may be more disturbing and shocking as pointed out by Dr. Michael Salla. There exists a military industrial extraterrestrial complex (MIEC) on the moon operated by an alien race in tandem with humans.

The Chinese have revealed to the public a series of photos and images detailing what seems to be a complex with an artificial environment on the moon’s surface. This revelation shows that secret operations have been on-going on the moon and that the Chinese may have been in constant contact with the alien visitors.

This explains why China has been investing heavily in both radio telescopes and their space program. As stated by the source of the revelation: “I was sent some pictures by a source who claims China will be releasing Hi Res images taken by the Chang’e-2 moon orbiter, which clearly show buildings and structures on the moon’s surface. He also claims NASA has deliberately bombed important areas of the Moon in an effort to destroy ancient artefacts and facilities.

China is moving toward full disclosure of the Extraterrestrial reality, if these images and future ones are verified genuine then NASA should be investigated for fraud and treason. China will be releasing all the data and images from the Chang’e-2 in the coming weeks and months, let’s hope this is the beginning of a new era.“ For decades, rumors of secret government operations and alien bases on the dark side of the moon have now all come to light.

There is now a distinct possibility that Earth’s leaders have signed a pact to harness the resources of the moon, and that additional partners to the pact may include alien lifeforms who have already established bases on the moon. However, be it greed or another aspect of human nature, there seems to be some conflict between certain factions. China has to have a reason to suddenly come clean with the operations, and that NASA must have a reason for bombing a portion of the moon back in 2009.

Among the released images are photos originating from NASA that depicts various different artificial structures on the moon. Milton Cooper, an outspoken Naval Intelligence Officer who revealed that the US Navy Intelligence Community has certain knowledge of the alien base and that it is codenamed “Luna”. The purpose of the base is to mine and harvest underground minerals on the moon. Milton also talks about an alien fleet led by a massive mothership hidden in the area where the aliens have built their storage warehouses.

The fleet often sends out small scouting parties resembling flying saucers to probe Earth. As Milton puts it, “LUNA: The alien base on the far side of the Moon. It was seen and filmed by the Apollo astronauts. A base, a mining operation using very large machines, and the very large alien craft describing in sightings reports as mother ships exist there.” Could the released images be portraying just a small fraction of Luna and the scale of the mining operations is beyond our wildest dreams?

It would be good to note that the released images contain a drill-like structure resembling those that we often use to access the underbelly of earth, and that there have been no claims so far of it being a natural formation.