US Top Secret Human Reptilian Alien Hybrids & Bases Where Reptiloids Genetically Engineered (VIDEO)

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Hybrid sightings increased 5 folds from 90 till 2013 to over 500 in 2016. They are mostly localized in Canada-North West US & Far East Asia. Do you know why?

Some sighting produced by bears & monkeys seen by people with vivid imagination but others have camera footage, witnesses & so weird they couldn’t be explained until now
In dense forests of Washington State North Cascadia there is a fake Canadian border outpost with US Special forces dressed up as Canadian officers guarding a secret base
Where a lot of genetic experiments were conducted like creation of this dog like creature with human DNA in early 2010s.

The base is surrounded by high voltage barb wire and has several medical doctors working there creating human hybrid monsters
Then monster hybrids released to the woods and many sightings produced in Canada-North West US.
Sightings reported as far South as Northern California and as far North as Southern Canada.
With two similar hybrid breeding bases functioning in China and each hybrid is tracked by implanted GPS device.

They need population to believe that we are surrounded by alien and hybrid species in preparation to stage fake alien invasion in 2020s.

It all went as planned until one hybrid decided to return to his home and chased medical doctors who created him.

The other secret genetic experiment base you can actually find on Google Earth secluded in the desert of New Mexico.

It has a desert entrance leading to a vast underground facility of at least 10 floors built under the desert.

There DARPA scientists added human DNA genes responsible for brain development to monkey egg.
On Christ Birthday 12.25.15 white half human monkey was born in New Mexico, US.
Now hybrid is turning 8 months & she has significantly less hair than monkey, blue/gray eyes, human like hands & already showing brain development of 3 years old child.