NASA: Footprint Found On Mars Matches Astronauts Footprint On The Moon (VIDEO)

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In a recent development, an incredible NASA image has surfaced that looks like a human footprint on Mars.

Even more incredible is that the footprint is an almost exact match to the astronaut’s footsteps on the moon. Similarities between the two prints are so distinct, they are difficult to dismiss.

On its website, NASA named the image “Footprint” and stated that it aroused visions of the first footsteps on Mars. The startling image was taken by NASA’s Spirit rover in February of 2004 at Gusev Crater.It is interesting to note that the “print” does not really seem to match the tracks of the rover.

The image was compared to another NASA image which was of the astronaut’s first steps on the moon. In a side by side comparison, the images look almost like an exact match. While there have been many Mars anomalies discovered over the years, this recent discovery really makes one wonder what is really going on.

These prints, so uncannily similar were made many years apart. They were made on two completely different planetary objects. One of the prints was supposedly made by a human and the other by a rover. How then, is it possible for them to resemble each other so closely? Could this really be an image of the first human footprints on Mars? We’ve all heard much speculation of NASA’s secret space program, and NASA itslef has revealed it’s plan for a manned mission to Mars. The image could be evidence of those missions. If not related to that, what else could be going on?