Claims To Reveal Classified UFO Footage (VIDEO)

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UFO Footage Confirmed To Be Real A recently released video has been circling the internet and has been making quite a sensation in the process.The newly released footage making waves with UFO believers and the science community alike shows a crystal clear UFO orbiting the sky.

The ground photos and footage show a clear flying disk hovering about one thousand feet above the Earth’s surface. The resolution of the footage is not the best but is good enough to generate sensational conversations on the web.

These clips are exceptionally close to the orbiting craft, and it is rare to see them at such close range.

The history behind UFO hunting comes from fascination the many people have for taming the unknown. It is what drives NASA to continue exploring, and it is what drove settlers to camp down in the Midwest. The real excitement for such a hobby stems from the nation building of many western powers, including the United States, immediately following World War II.

When the era of nuclear and weaponry proliferation was just underway, the United States found itself more at a head with the Soviet Union. To gain more of an advantage, the U.S. Military started to gear more of its operations towards hunting for UFOs. The citizenry has caught on and ever since then, spectacles such as the footage linked above have made it all the more interesting.

The footage shows just what a UFO up close looks like. The never before seen images show the UFO, like a flying saucer, slipping through the top of the building. As we observe the footage closer, we can tell that the UFO braced the tip of the building, causing the craft to either wobble or distort its body, as to make it past the building. Whatever the reason for the UFO flying so close to the ground, we will never know, but the mystery will continue and modern day UFO hunters alike will be perplexed by further images coming to the surface.