Blazing “Satanic” Illuminati Eyes appeared in the Sky Today and Caused Big Disaster In Russia (VIDEO)

Illuminati eyes on the Sky
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Blazing Illuminati Eyes appeared in the Sky Today and Caused Big Panic In Russia.
A mysterious eye has been seen in the night sky in Russia over the city of Chelyabinsk and caused widespread panic as well as speculation as to where it came from.

Although an official explanation has yet to be heard from authorities, the likely reasoning that they will give would be a natural formation from either cloud coverage or smoke from an unknown source within the city itself.

The formation is also centered over the train station so could have come from some kind of transformer explosion or a surface light that has been misdirected into the sky.

A creation of Project Blue Beam?

The city of Chelyabinsk itself is seemingly not a place well known or large enough that any kind of message, either man-made, divine or alien in origin would be sent to. Most people who remember the name of the city do so due to a superbolide meteor.
Speculation among Russian people, however, is rife with all kinds of theories being bandied around as to the origin of the eye.
Some believe it to be the divine eye of providence, a symbolic representation of the all-seeing eye of God.

The eye of providence is also the symbol associated with the Freemasons, Illuminati and appears on the U.S one dollar bill. Of particular providence given the recent supposed links between current president Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin and the latter’s supposed influence on the election.

Others believe the eye to be a creation of Project Blue Beam, a conspiracy theory stating that NASA is attempting to create an artificial second coming of Christ leading to an eventual new religion with the antichrist as it’s figurehead and ushering at the beginning of a new world order.

Project Blue Beam, however, was expected by proponents to have begun in the late 80s and then several dates in the 90s although the idea seems to have somewhat run out of steam of late. Similarly to the eye of providence theory, however, a fairly obscure Russian city seems an odd place for the project to begin.

Footage of the eye can be seen here: