Astronomer of all times claims: “Aliens are Machines Who have Overthrown Original Creators!” (VIDEO)

Astronomer Martin Rees
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Top Astronomer Martin Rees claims that extraterrestrial entities might be more machine like as a sign that they might have overthrown their original masters in their homeworld.
“I think that Aliens are Machines who have overthrown original creators!”

Aliens are often characterized as humanoid looking being such as the Greys, White Talls, etc. But if we do have an alien visitation here on Earth, it won’t be necessary of organic nature.

According to Astronomer Lord Martin Rees, as humanity is stepping into a future belonging to machines and cybernetic implants, the same could have happened to older and more advanced civilizations.
Stephen Hawking has warned humanity of the dangers of extraterrestrial contact as well as the creation of Artificial Inteligence.

These two things can mean the extinction of mankind. Perhaps someday machines will run our world and then attempt to travel into the far reaches of space in a quest for ultimate domination,
as a superior new universal species above all that is organic.

Watch the following video to know more!