Russian General Told the Truth to the World: Humanity Was Sold to the Aliens and Russia knows it! (VIDEO)

Humanity is NOT ready for the arrival of aliens and could be easily wiped out by invading ETs, expert warns!

Russia General about Aliens
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“Former (RUSSIA) Russian General Alexander Skryabin said that during his duty he managed to communicate with the extraterrestrials and that he personally saw President Mikhail Gorbachev meet with extraterrestrials.”
Friends, I made an auto-translation of an article of the Russian Colonel-General Skryabin, who during his duty communicate with extraterrestrials and who personally saw how President Michael Gorbachev met extraterrestrials. This interview was given to a newspaper of Czech Republic and Russian published on its website. However, in two days this interview was deleted from everywhere.

“Our people are trapped on Earth, and we are like a farm with vast creation, only humans to serve them, so many disappearances, ABDUCTIONS. Technology exchange, this is the truth about the exchange of humans for alien experiments.” He estimates that about 105 million Russia people were taken from Earth by aliens. «There are more and more abductions» According to the Russia UFO specialist, babies are taken on ‘spacecraft’ and ‘reproduced in millions’, in a mixture of human and alien, a ‘hybrid’ with ‘magic powers’. “There are millions of pregnant women and girls on Earth without explanations,” he said.

Humanity including Russia is NOT ready for the arrival of aliens and could be easily wiped out by invading ETs, expert warns!

MANKIND is not prepared for aliens making contact with earth-and if they are violent they could wipe us out quickly, a leading expert has warned.Veteran alien hunter Seth Shostak said: “I don’t know of any protocol if they land”.

The senior astronomer at SETI — the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Insititute Russia— said that scientists and governments have only focused on what to do if we find intelligent life in a faraway galaxy. He said there may be top secret defence plans “in the bowels of the Pentagon”, but that he is not aware of any.