Russian TV begins redpilling its audience about the Global Power of the Rothschild family (Video)

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The history of the Rothschild family has been exposed by Channel 1 in Russia in a broadcast that aired on April 2. The report made use of Nazi propaganda footage along with caricatures that were anti-Semitic as it tried to educate Russian citizens on the global power of the family.

The segment was broadcast after the death of David Rockefeller, the American banker, and the whole aim of the broadcast was to shed some light on the Rothschild’s, who is another wealthy international banking dynasty. Channel 1 made use of Nazi propaganda footage; however, they did not go as far as to explicitly mention the Nazi regime. This is something that is unusual in the Russian media public broadcasts.

The broadcast did talk about the huge conspiracy theories that have been going around, which regard the Rothschild family and claims that they were a part of the plot by international Jews, to take over control of the world. A video clip in Russian starts off by revealing that in 1895 Lord Walter Rothschild rode around London in a cart that was pulled by zebras, instead of traditional horses, which the Russians pointed out, was a violation of rules made by their own clan. It then goes on to talk about the riches of Ferdinand Rothschild which is now in a museum and was quick to point out that the family made their wealth through gold and then going on to buy up the central banks within the European countries.

The Rothschild family is one of the most mysterious and richest families in the world. The broadcast pointed out that one of the rules of the family was never to disclose the assets of the family, neither in any will or in any court and this is one rule that has not been violated. However, estimates point to the Rothschild family amassing a fortune of around 3.5 trillion dollars.

The Rothschild family has interests in Russia as when Nikolai II was in France a member of the family was introduced to him and came up with a proposition, to take over the central bank and pay off their debts. The tsar did not take him up on this offer and then told his circle that he thought he had just signed his own death warrant. Many conspiracy theorists are of the belief that the Rothschild family is the driving force of the government, and has run the world for many centuries and called the Bilderberg club. The motto of the Rothschild family is that whoever controls information controls the world and they certainly controlled a great deal of information.