‘Alien flying saucer’ spotted on Google Earth over Antarctica! (Video)

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What’s going on the icy layer of our Earth called Antarctica? That’s a question most conspiracy theorists and UFO Hunters ask as it’s a location surrounded by strange phenomena mostly regarded as extraterrestrial activity. Many believe it to be hidding a massive ancient city that has been lost for thousands of years if not more, or perhaps an entrance to the ‘Inner Earth’ where a powerful and advanced civilization reside. But the most popular idea is that of Alien beings having a hidden base extremely inaccessible to humans where the only way to enter is by flying ship through cave holes found on top of the frozen mountains. There have been many fantastic claims made by UFO hunters of visible UFOs or alien bases in different regions of Antarctica while they were scouting in Google Earth. Most recently, experts believe a flying saucer was spotted hovering in Antarctica! Watch the following video to know more!