UFO hunter filmed an object creating a fireball across the sky (Video)

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UFO footage that was supposed to be of a UFO blazing across the sky in Manurewa in Auckland may have been debunked, and it might not be the alien invasion that people had first thought it to be.

Some people said that what the man had captured on the video was a meteor or fireball as the camera did not zoom in close enough to see what it was.

Others said that they thought they could make out a pulsating red headlight on the UFO and that it was some alien craft. The footage appeared to show an object of a large size that was flying through the sky and which had two jets of flames trailing behind it. The UFO was said to have changed its direction and in doing so made some maneuvers that typical aircraft would not be able to do and which could not be explained. One fan who said that it was a UFO said that it was not a jet aircraft as a jet was not able to stop in mid-air and do what the alien craft had done. This did get skeptics thinking about what type of aircraft would be able to make maneuvers such as this if it was not alien. One person said that they thought it might be Nibiru and it had two tails in the same way as a comet.

Another person said that once Earth and Mars are in conjunction things would start big time. He said that extra-terrestrials would be fleeing from Mars and they would arrive on Earth in the thousands. The person said that aliens would arrive on hyper drive and then use the gravity of Jupiter to slow them down. Another person commenting on the UFO video said that he had lucid dreams of how an Intergalactic Federation had managed to fend off an invasion or ships of predators that had looked as though they were coming in. However, a website based on scientific investigation may have debunked the UFO mystery.

They said that it was probably footage of a controlling jet that was lit by the sun, which had increased its climb rate suddenly in the far distance and then continued with contrails that were less persistent. They continued by saying that more than likely what had been captured on the video was an Emirates 435 flight going from Auckland to Brisbane.