Retired Area 51 Worker Reveals UFO Secrets After Drunk Night In Vegas (Video)

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I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all made mistakes when we’re drunk. With all the experience I’ve had, you could consider me an expert. What’s supposed to be a casual beer can get me feeling tipsy very quickly. With my altered judgement, I get another drink so my friends think I can handle my liquor. Dangerous tactic I know.

Suddenly I’m offering to buy everyone shots of tequila. If I’m not rolling around on the floor by this point, I’m definitely embarrassing myself in another way. Am I flirting with a 70-year-old guy? Perhaps I’m in the girls bathroom telling all my fellow ladies how pretty they are. If I haven’t lost my phone yet, you just know I’m drunk texting the guy I like. The last thing I usually remember is the bottom of a shot glass before I black out and wake up in my bed, my shoes still on and one thing on my mind: regret

I know the cycle all too well. The only silver lining I can come up with, other than some incredible stories, is that I didn’t compromise the US Government. If I knew any of our country’s spectacular secrets, I guarantee they’d come out. Unfortunately, an Area 51 worker suffered the same fate that I do whenever I have a big night out – mistakes were made.


After getting crazy drunk, one Area 51 worker revealed some insane secrets about extraterrestrial life. A YouTuber who goes by black biggot uploaded a video explaining the conversation he had with his neighbor, who knows all about UFOs. It’s almost at a million views, and has received a lot of speculation. What do you think?
Alright, not the most credible source in the world. The drunken ramblings of a neighbor told by a YouTube star in what looks like an empty bus isn’t exactly earth-shattering. Still, it makes you wonder… Here’s what other YouTubers had to say.