FIRST CONTACT? The woman who claimed in 1894 she visited Mars and spoke to aliens! (Video)

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There’s always a cool story regarding alien abductions or some other form of extraterrestrial contact and any UFO/ET enthusiast will love to hear something new.

But what’s the first documented extraterrestrial contact we have? The surreal and fantastic tale of Mrs. Hélène Smith who was a medium back in the year 1894 claimed that she visited the Red planet Mars via visions when entering a trance like state. She met many alien entities on her journey and even stepped into unfamiliar worlds full of wonder and mystery.

She drew how the Martian landscapes looked like back when there was life. She drew and wrote about the strange lifeforms she encountered and how ancient the Martian civilization was. Mrs. Hélène Smith also learned how to write and speak the language of the Martian civilization with several examples of it’s words put into paper back when she was alive. Watch the following video to know more!