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A British observer at Hemel Hempstead revealed viewing a triangle UFO object under 500 feet with a contributed, lit-up vault, as indicated by declaration in Case 89653 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness detailing database.

The occasion happened starting at 3:35 a.m. on January 17,2018.

A bright light came through bedroom curtain,” the witness stated. “A triangular vehicle was spotted gliding in a straight line. Underneath the vehicle was an inverted, lit dome virtually touching the three sides. The inverted dome had arched ribs from bottom to top with a center pillar projecting a bright light.

Hemel Hempstead
Hemel Hempstead


The witness said he had a perfect view of the object until it disappeared over nearby buildings.

My first reaction was it was a strange plane out of Luton Airport, then immediately realized it was not a normal aircraft.

United Kingdom Assistant National Director Michael Price closed this case as an Unknown Aerial Vehicle.

“Having reviewed the information this case provides me with a somewhat difficult assessment to make,” Price wrote in his report. “The witness is an aircraft enthusiast and being one myself. I know how accurately we can identify known aircraft both civilian and military with a lot of accuracy even in the dark. This for me rules out mis-identification of a known aircraft and type”.
Hemel Hempstead
Hemel Hempstead


“The second interesting point to note is the descriptive of the central light not only in its shape and luminosity but also the fact that it was clear enough for the witness to notice that it almost touched the three sides of the triangle. The arched ribs descriptive is very interesting with a central pillar of light. I have heard this described before by whistle-blowers out of AREA 51 and Lockheed that state that bright light given off is plasma charging through the anti-gravity drive which could have a wave expulsion pattern similar to a black hole. Forcing out light from the top and bottom of the center. This could explain the pillar of light observed with the arched ribs providing the skeleton for the plasma charge containment.

“Without any additional evidence or secondary observed sighting, it is difficult to investigate further but I think based on the short description what was viewed was either a known AV (TR3B or Aurora project) or an Unknown Aerial Vehicle of ETV classification. I have classified the case as UAV in the absence of any reliable identification of TR3B or Aurora military craft.”

Hemel Hempstead is a town in Hertfordshire, England, located 24 miles northwest of London, population 94,932.