Colorado UFO
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A Colorado observer at Colorado Springs revealed watching five low-flying UFO drift and move around their home for over 60 minutes, as indicated by a declaration in Case 92568 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness announcing database.

The episode started about 10:30 p.m. on June 7, 2018.

“My girl and I went outside to smoke a cigarette, and we like to take a gander at the night sky at any rate,” the revealing observer expressed. “We have seen questions in the sky now and again throughout recent months at any rate.”

Colorado UFO

when they looked on their right side and saw a bigger and more splendid light floating over the tree beat over the road, and after that another that was not as brilliant higher and to one side of the first.

“At that point we saw another begin moving right once again us in a straight line, no clamor, and in a total straight line until the point when it halted over by our back yard, where it ceased, and drifted. There was additionally one that halted over our heads, made no clamor, and drifted there. What’s more, one more that was a little separation far from the one drifting over us and it additionally sat in the sky.”

Every one of the artworks had a little augmentation on the base.

“Be that as it may, just two sparkled more splendid, and one was emitting red and white hues. We looked for around 15 minutes, put the canine inside, and looked for a couple of more minutes, and after that went in our home.”

The two ventured back outside around 45 minutes after the fact and three of the items were still there.

colorado ufo
Downtown Colorado Springs Colorado looking west from Pikes Peak Avenue towards Pikes Peak and the Rocky Mountains.

“My daughter tried to video, but when it didn’t come out very well as it was so dark outside, she deleted it before I could stop her. We were not afraid and did not feel threatened. We were also not surprised as I have seen craft since I was a kid. And since moving from Denver to Pueblo a couple of years ago we have seen craft numerous times, especially when we lived in Pueblo West. We saw craft all the time over the reservoir.”

Colorado Field Investigators Richard Evans and Deborah Evans closed this case as an Unknown Aerial Vehicle.

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