American Members, Bilderberg Steering Committee

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Meeting of American Members, Bilderberg Steering Committee

Lunch Club, New York

8 January 1959

Present: Messrs. A. H. Senior member, H. J. Heinz, C. D. Jackson, George Nebolsine, G. W. Ball, J. B. Johnson

Likewise Present: Messrs. Myron Black and John Myerson of the Office of European Regional Affairs, Department of State

I. U.S. Position on Discussion of Common Market – Free Trade Area Issue

1. Messrs. Dark and Myerson joined the gathering because of a demand made of Assistant Secretary Mann. They gave a broad preparation on the perspectives of the U.S Government in connection to the Common Market – Free Trade Area issue, focusing on the delicacy of the issues from the U.S. perspective.

2. It was concurred by the Bilderbergers present that it is ill advised to welcome any U.S. Government authority to the gathering to be held 17-19 January at the Bilderberg Hotel. Mr. Senior member in like manner embraced to link or compose Ambassador Zellerbach to this impact.

3. It was additionally concurred that in light of the fragile idea of this issue, notwithstanding for private American subjects, the U.S. gathering should try to work out the fundamental of a concurred position. After the gathering, Messrs. Heinz, Ball and Johnson, with the help of Messrs. Dark and Myerson, roughed out a portion of the focuses to be incorporated on the perspectives to be communicated by the American members. Mr. Ball is to work over the focuses and present a draft to the Americans when we assemble at Bilderberg.

4. It was additionally concurred that, aside from Mr. Shepard Stone, who might not be relied upon to discuss the Common Market – Free Trade Area issue, nobody, other than individuals from the Steering Committee, ought to be welcome to visit. The individuals who intend to go are Messrs. Dignitary, Heinz, Ball, Ferguson, Nebolsine, and Johnson. Mr. Johnson gave the Prince’s formal solicitations to Messrs. Senior member, Heinz, Ball and Nebolsine, together with duplicates of the “Notice of the Meeting.” He additionally given every one of those present duplicates of the rundown dated 30 December of the Europeans who have been welcome to the gathering.

5. Mr. Senior member concurred that he would make a few comments in the opening session about advancements since Buxton. Mr. Johnson expressed that van Kleffens and Quaroni plan to present this talk.

II. Further Meetings During 1959

1. There was agreement against holding the same number of gatherings in 1959 as the Europeans clearly think about. In this association it was brought up that the American Group had even proposed to Prince Bernhard at a prior time that the Bilderberg Group may be placed in mothballs amid this year, and it was expressed without logical inconsistency that regardless we surely ought to contradict the holding of extended Steering Committee gatherings at regular intervals or thereabouts. The accord was certainly against an extended Steering Committee meeting in June.

2. A gathering March 21-22 on Berlin: Disappointment was commonly communicated that the Europeans did not acknowledge the American proposal of talking about Berlin in January, and the view was additionally communicated that March is a troublesome month for a gathering. The general inclination was that, given the extraordinary significance of Berlin, we should, by the by, most likely be set up to send a group of around six individuals to that gathering: three individuals from the Steering Committee in addition to three specialists of the bore of Conant, McCloy, and so forth.

3. In this association, Mr. Johnson said that he trusted we would have the assets important to take an interest on that scale in such a gathering.

III. Meeting, September 18-20

1. Mr. Johnson detailed that at its gathering in Milan in December the Steering Committee had chosen to hold a full-scale meeting on 18-20 September at a place up ’til now unspecified. That prompted an exchange of the U.S. position on the Turkish welcome to hold such a gathering in or close Istanbul.

2. It was brought up that American investment in the meeting must stay indeterminate until the point when the money related picture is clear. In this association, it was expressed that it is impossible that the Rockefeller Foundation will contribute support of the Group for one more year, and when the inquiry was raised whether the Ford Foundation may will give bolster indeed, nobody knew the appropriate response.

3. As for the area, there was general inclination that for different reasons, including the extra cost, it would be best not to meet in Turkey. In this association, the solid perspectives communicated on the opposite side at a prior time by George McGhee and John Ferguson were recorded. It was trusted that the Prince could discover some method for managing this inquiry without again stirring Turkish susceptibilities, yet there was no unmistakable choice with regards to the position the American Group should take on the off chance that he proved unable.

IV. Funds

1. There was a short discourse of the money related status of the Group. Mr. Johnson distributed duplicates of a fiscal summary starting at 31 December demonstrating that there was an equalization close by of over $11,000. He likewise said that we are approved to utilize the equalization of the Rockefeller Foundation assets regarding the January to 31 March. (It isn’t totally evident whether this deadline would allow the utilization of Rockefeller assets for costs in going to a gathering in March, in spite of the fact that it creates the impression this might be arranged.)