Man from Ireland captures footage of a UFO on his way to work

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An assembly line laborer has caught emotional film of a strange UFO in Co Derry.

Sandy Laverty caught a quick moving light in the sky as he was heading to take a shot at Friday morning.

The 37-year-old from Corelaine said he had been left stunned by the episode, BelfastLive reports.

The Irish Aviation Authority is presently researching reports of the brilliant lights and UFOs which were spotted off the south-west shore of Ireland.

It was just days after the fact, when he heard the news about the pilots’ emotional sightings in Co Kerry, off the southeast shoreline of Ireland, that he understood his very own experience had occurred inside two minutes of the carrier pilots reports.

Sandy stated: “My first idea was that it was the moon however then it began moving over the sky.

“In the event that you watch the dashcam film you can see the vehicle in front of me braking. It was very freaky, I had never observed anything like it. I felt stunned.

“It was a great deal clearer than it showed up om camera.”

Sandy said he referenced what had happened when he touched base into work.

He said: “My colleague looked at me as if I had been drinking. That is when I thought of the dashcam and I looked at the footage when I went home.

“Somebody suggested the lights might have been part of a meteor shower. From that point I thought it was nothing out of the ordinary and never thought much about it.”

But Sandy said he became suspicious after hearing on Monday about the suspicious sightings across Ireland.

He said: “That is when I realised there might have been something more to it.

“Everything would add up to to it being a meteor but I don’t know.

“It was a bit weird and left me thinking ‘What to hell was that?'”