Nibiru, the Mysterious Planet

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For a long time presently there has been an enthusiasm for Ancient Aliens, and the subordinate branches. I myself was acquainted with the old outsider ideas numerous years prior while perusing Erik von Daniken and later while viewing the different Alan Landsburg stories (The Outer Space Connection etc..). What struck me around then was its general thought. This thought antiquated writings were utilized to depict an old history altogether different from the one I had been educated in school. It was the answer for archeological secrets, and as the inescapable image’s call attention to – It’s Aliens!

As time went on and I experienced school I began to build up an alternate world perspective of these hypotheses. While some I would in general stick onto, others I began to see interchange clarifications for, particularly as I proceeded with my undergrad ponders in Sociology, Cultural Anthropology and Archeology, which were my majors (Anthropology and Sociology).

While I didn’t really acknowledge the old space traveler speculation totally, I began to accept, in light of research, that the old world was considerably more innovatively propelled that we are educated. The narratives of antiquated India, Europe and others appeared to loan belief to that. The narratives appeared to depict, through the perspective of a less mechanically propelled society, portrayals of innovatively complex gadgets. That is by and large where the inconvenience starts, and now and then closures.

The transformation of legends to truths is a procedure full of danger. The analyst must utilize the legend as a portrayal and apply suitable setting, while as yet securing the story itself. This procedure of social correlation can be spotless, yet in addition not be perfect in the meantime since you should on a very basic level make suppositions. The key is to make presumptions that appear to be logical.

A genuine case of this was a linger weight. While an instructing right hand I was offered access to a little pyramidal protest with an opening at the best. At first look one would truly not make sense of what it was. Is it accurate to say that it was an old Illuminati image, maybe a type of cash? Who knows! My educator at the time said to me contrast this protest with articles utilized in a similar nearby today. So I began to take a gander at different ordinary things the general population of this island did, one of which was weaving. While pouring through the photos of individuals weaving, the life of a prehistoric studies Teaching Assistant, I went over an image of a lady weaving utilizing weights on the linger which looked incredibly like the thing I grasped. It appeared the normal supposition that this protest was a linger weight, which it ended up being. I made sense of it by taking a gander at the protest and placing it in right social setting and I completed a bit of speculating as well.

The reason I’m bringing up out is that while a linger weight is diverse then an antiquated air ship recorded through legend and illustration, the procedure to change over it is the equivalent. Strip away the incredible nature and make the supposition that what is being portrayed is genuine, conceivably, and a precise depiction of something however through the viewpoint of an alternate culture or time.

It was Arthur C. Clarke who shrewdly brought up in his third law:
“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Charles Fort likewise brought up out in his book Wild Talents:

“…a performance that may some day be considered understandable, but that, in these primitive times, so transcends what is said to be the known that it is what I mean by magic.”

What these statements are fundamentally implying is the possibility that when a man is gone up against by an innovation considerably more propelled then their very own they fall back to enchantment to clarify its activity. This isn’t not at all like back in the medieval times when ailment was accepted to be caused by a frog in your stomach, and you were taken to a wellbeing practionioner to have the frog broken up or evacuated where today you go to the specialist and they give you anti-microbials and send you home to watch Wheel of Fortune.

So it is with that focal point that we should take another and diverse perspective of the possibility of Nibiru and what it could have been, or rather what it is.

Zecharia Sitchen

For a long time Zecharia Sitchen had attempted to fabricate a cosmology around the Anunaki, an alleged race of outsiders (not from the Earth) who had hereditarily designed people to work in enormous gold mines. The gold was then transported back to their home planet of Nibiru. To do this he depended on Sumerian tablets which he had interpreted himself.

Sitchen himself was conceived in Azerbaijan, and got a degree in financial matters from the University of London, before moving to the United States and in the end filling in as an official for a delivery organization. It was while working for the delivery organization he wound up intrigued with the Sumerians and later shown himself cuneiform, the Sumerian composition framework. It is from his self educated examinations that his interpretations developed.

Sitchen’s work has been scrutinized by numerous researchers for mistakes in the base interpretations. The Sumerian dialect and figures of speech now is genuinely surely knew and a significant number of the researchers bring up errors or jumps with regards to his interpretations. I think it is those mistranslations and his journey to demonstrate the Anunaki speculation which may have lead to the perplexity we wind up in today. Sitchen did surely discover fascinating things in his perusing of the Sumerian messages however his belief system may have affected his possible decisions.


So what is Nibiru? According to Sitchen’s hypothesis Nibiru was the home to the enigmatic Anunaki. It was a mysterious planet out beyond Pluto that had a wildly eccentric orbit. According to Sitchen the planet came into the solar system every 3600 years

So Why Come to Earth?

As a result of this capricious circle the planets air was coming up short and Anunaki engineers worked feverously to figure out how to fix it. This fix instrument, created by the Anunaki, evidently required enormous measures of gold, which brought about the Anunaki coming to Earth since it was a rich gold source. At the point when the Anunaki arrived they observed that mining procedure to be excessively relentless so they hereditarily designed mankind to fill in as slave diggers for the gold which was transported back to Nibiru to bolster their barometrical generators.

The possibility of Nibiru was not without its analysis as C. Leroy Ellenburger writes in a 1981 Frontiers of Science article:

“[Sitchin states that] from an equivalent begin, the Nephilim advanced on Nibiru 45 million years in front of tantamount improvement on Earth with its emphatically progressively good condition. Such a result is impossible, without a doubt, since Nibiru would invest over 99% of its energy past Pluto. Sitchin’s clarification that warm from radioactive rot and a thick air keep Nibiru warm is ridiculous and does not address the issue of obscurity in profound space. Additionally unexplained is the way the Nephilim, who advanced long after Nibiru arrived, comprehended what happened when Nibiru first entered the nearby planetary group.”

Ellenburger proceeds to state:

“… suggests a circle with a semi-real pivot of 235 galactic units, reaching out from the space rock belt to multiple times more remote past the sun than Pluto. Basic bother hypothesis demonstrates that, under the most good conditions of evading close experiences with different planets, no body with such an unpredictable circle would keep a similar period for two continuous sections. Inside twelve circles the protest would be either shot out or changed over to a brief period question. Subsequently, the fizzled look for a trans-Plutonian planet by T.C. Van Flandern, of the U.S. Maritime Observatory, which Sitchin uses to reinforce his theory, is no help.”

This is only one of the numerous papers which have been composed throughout the years investigating the possibility of Nibiru as Planet X and from a logical perspective, and in addition a sensible one, there is almost no science to help such a planet with a fiercely unusual circle. There is anyway loads of traditional, and not all that ordinary, proof for Planet X as an element.

In 2015 Caltech space experts Konstantin Batygin and Mike Brown reported that they made a useful scientific model which demonstrated the nearness of another (Planet X) out past Neptune. This excellent body had a circle registered to be 20,000 years (or more) contrasted with Sitchen’s model which required a multi year circle.

In a remark posted on NASA’s “Nearby planetary group Exploration:”

“The possibility of a new planet is certainly an exciting one for me as a planetary scientist and for all of us,” said Jim Green, director of NASA’s Planetary Science Division. “This is not, however, the detection or discovery of a new planet. It’s too early to say with certainty there’s a so-called Planet X. What we’re seeing is an early prediction based on modeling from limited observations. It’s the start of a process that could lead to an exciting result.”

So what is Nibiru?

So while there is proof of a Planet X, it doesn’t seem to fit the method of Nibiru. So what is Nibiru at that point? As indicated by Dr. Michael Heiser, and numerous other etymological researchers, Nibiru is “A Place of Crossing” or “Ship/portage/Ferry Boat.” In this Nibiru investigation [ 3 ], Dr. Heiser calls attention to the accompanying:

“Word significance, obviously, is controlled by setting. “Nibiru” (all the more in fact and legitimately transliterated as “neberu”[5]) can mean a few things. I have underlined the type of nibiru for the peruser:

“place of intersection” or “intersection expense” – In the Gilgamesh epic,[6] for instance, we read the line (surprisingly like one of the delights in the lesson on the Mount): “Straight is the intersection point (nibiru; a portal), and limited is the way that prompts it.” A geological name in one Sumero-Akkadian message, a town, is named “Ne-bar-ti-Ash-shur” (“Crossing Point of Asshur”). Another content managing the charges for a boatman who ships individuals over the water takes note of that the traveler paid “shiqil kaspum sha ne-bi-ri-tim” (“silver for the intersection expenses”).

“ship, portage”; “ship vessel”; “(demonstration of) shipping” – For instance, one Akkadian content alludes to a military foe, the Arameans: “A-ra-mu nakirma bab ni-bi-ri sha GN itsbat”[7] (“The Arameans were resistant and took up a situation at the passage to the portage [gate, crossing point]”). In another, the Elamites are said to “ina ID Abani ni-bi-ru u-cha-du-u” (“[to] have removed the portage [bridge, crossing way] of the waterway Abani”).

I think the “root thought” of the nibiru word gathering and its structures as importance something concerning “crossing” is clear, thus we’ll proceed onward.”

Nibiru as an intersection, a ship point or a portal. This makes Nibiru extremely fascinating, however we’ll return to that shortly.

So shouldn’t something be said about the Anunnaki, who are they at that point?

Traditional interpretations the expression Anunnaki decipher it as the “relatives” or “youngsters” of Anu, An or Anu, the lord of paradise (i.e. the sky) and pioneer of the Sumerian pantheon, and Ki who was the earth goddess.

This leads us in an exceptionally fascinating analytical course since Anu, it was stated, ruled paradise or the sky. The reason this is especially intriguing is on the grounds that this idea of Heaven really spoken to what they allude to as the third divine vault or hitherto an obstruction shielding the earth from the past. It ought to likewise be called attention to that Anu’s area was additionally the most noteworthy of the heavenly arches, which means there were a few, and past Anu’s space was the void. Ki then again was the equalization, the earth mother and has been connected by a few researchers to the goddess Ninhursag – Godess of the mountains and ripeness yet in addition the defender of the earth.

Alright that is the place they originated from yet who are they?

That is entirely difficult to state. The genuine documentation about the Anunnaki is to some degree fragmentary and nothing more than trouble check exists for them. In a considerable lot of the enduring writings they are alluded to as a gathering versus a person. There are situations where explicit Anunnaki are spoken to however that seems, by all accounts, to be the exemption not the standard. What the antiquated societies believed was that the Anunnaki we’re sky lords of huge power and as indicated by Enki and the World Order the Anunnaki “proclaim the destinies of humankind” yet it is inferred as defenders. This is particularly essential considering numerous Anunnaki where allocated to explicit urban communities and many were to “take up there homes” in the different urban communities.

How did the Anunnaki Change Over Time?

Another intriguing aspect of this inquiry is the way the Anunnaki changed after some time. I trust this will assume a critical job in understanding the Anunnaki not far off.

In spite of the fact that they were seen at an early stage as being sky divine beings, got from Anu, the view of the Anunnaki changed beginning in the old Babylonian time frame beginning in 1830 BC. Around then the Babylonian pantheon presented another gathering called the Igigi however does not make it altogether clear but rather what is clear is that in the Atra-Hasis epic the Igigi are viewed as a lower age of divine beings who are subservient to the Anunnaki. It shows up sooner or later (it says 40 days yet this could be fantasy.) the Igigi opposed the Anunnaki and Enki makes people to supplant them.

By the Middle Period (1592BC to 1155BC) the Anunnaki have been changed into lords of the black market. It shows up from the antiquated content that the total of the Anunnaki culture had moved underground. Again the genuine size of the Anunnaki isn’t clear yet what is clear is they are never again connected with the Sky or the Earth.

At last in the Epic of Gilgamesh (1200BC) the Anunnaki are viewed as seven judges who grieve for the obliteration of mankind. A long ways of the first view of lofty sky divine beings administering over the earth.

So what does everything mean?

So what does this mean? Now in history anything past the genuine interpretations is unadulterated guess. What appears to be the situation is that the Sitchen interpretations, and the rich mythos work around them, don’t seem to hold up under investigation. The ramifications of the academic interpretation appear to lead us toward an altogether different way.

As I expressed before I trust that numerous fantasies have a premise in undeniable reality, and obviously any transliteration of such things is, best case scenario a psychological test yet I accept there is sufficient data here to propose a substitute story or history in connection to the Anunnaki.

We know from the Veda’s that Earth has had somewhere around one genuinely cutting edge human progress and that development was pushed to the edge of total collapse amid a calamitous war between two siblings over the honored position of their expired dad. Could the account of the Anunnaki additionally be a piece of that story? It is completely conceivable and the subjects appear to adjust. So we should take these subjects one by one.


The north ecliptic post is in Draco. Wikipedia

In view of the academic interpretations refered to above it creates the impression that Nibiru was not a planet but rather a ship purpose of perhaps a star port. This was a division point to move past the earth. It’s imperative to call attention to that Anu is firmly adjusted toward the North Orbital Pole and the heavenly body of Draco. Is it conceivable that Anu, “The One on High, ” instructed an establishment in a polar circle over the earth? I would recommend this is the likely significance and that Nibiru was the site used to dispatch or take off to fly up to Anu’s station or base.

From that point he would order the last and most astounding insurance circle of paradise as the preeminent administrator. This would likewise make since despite the fact that Anu is incomparable god he was once in a while revered. That would tumble to the lesser Anunnaki in direction of different units. The Anunnaki would be all the more specifically observed or pursued by the nearby masses.

This would make since if the Mahabharata is truly precise and the last blaze used a type of super weapon which numerous scientists have connected to an atomic or combination gadget the was utilized to decimate the restricting city. Such a weapon would most likely have been sent from circle and would have originated from the sky. This is a speculation I have already contended. In “The Ark of the Covenant and Other Ancient Secret Weapons” I conjectured the weapon was an orbitally propelled active vitality weapon conveyed from the baffling Dark Knight satellite.

The Anunnaki:

The portrayals of the Anunnaki themselves present another aspect of this talk. On the off chance that Anu was in fact the space authority, or perhaps incomparable administrator, the possibility of the Anunnaki taking up living arrangement inside the different old urban areas again bodes well. They would have potentially been provincial officers appointed to different geologies.

Furthermore they would have been in order so they made have had a higher status so history may have transliterated this just like a sort of god. In “Mesopotamien. Bite the dust Mythologie der Sumerer und Akkader” D.O. Edzard discovered reference to 50 Anunnaki living in the city of Eridu. This would be predictable with the possibility of the Anunnaki serving in a military job since Eridu was a noteworthy populace center point in the sourthern part of Mesoptamia.

In the “Summerian King List” Eridu is named similar to the city of the main lords and is deciphered as “the might place” or “direction put” which means it could have been a noteworthy military control focus. The “Sumerian King List” depicted Eridu as:

“In Eridu, Alulim moved toward becoming ruler; he led for a long time. Alalngar ruled for a long time. 2 rulers; they controlled for a long time. At that point Eridu fell and the sovereignty was taken to Bad-tibira.”

Other Anunnaki as situated in different areas, for example, Inanna being attributed to Venus, Utu being related with the Sun, Nanna related with the Moon, Enlil the northern sky, Enki the southern sky, etc. These affiliations could have been connected to their control focuses or obligations, for example, being accountable for the Moon or the northern sky or grounds and so on. The key here is to see the relationship in an extraordinary setting and to comprehend the transliteration of no less than 3000 years of interpretation however in the event that what I accept is to be the situation the multi year old documentation of an occasion 15,000 years prior or more.

The other component here which is extremely fascinating is the idea of the Anunnaki changing after some time. At first the Anunnaki are various however after some time this progressions and the Anunnaki move underground and are unfathomably diminished in number. This could have been the consequence of this strange war which happened. The surface being under assault or harmed would have constrained the survivors to move underground into fortifications. This would clarify how the immense assets of the Anunnaki, 50 in Eridu alone, wound up seven who monitored the black market. Different sources talk around 600 Anunnaki in the black market, yet again their essence underground would proposal they moved underground as overcomers or some likeness thereof of destructive occasion or war.

Another piece of this huge story is the Igigi. Presented in the Old Babylonian Period, the correct relationship of the Igigi is obscure however what is known is that they in the long run rose up, recorded in the Middle Babylonian Period – after 45 years, and assaulted the Anunnaki. This activity suggests a type of common war happened around then. Conceivably because of the bigger war.

When the Igigi ascended and were vanquished by the Anunnaki it is said that Enki made people to have their spot. Or on the other hand it could be people just had their spot in the bigger mechanics of the Anunnaki culture. It is critical to recall that we are managing transliteration and names so what we consider to be a human might not have been a human to them.

In the long run by the eighth century BC the, now living underground, Anunnaki have turned out to be just a sorry excuse for their previous selves and are opposing towards mankind.

What is intriguing about this in a bigger setting is the simple examination of the Anunnaki and humankind to H.G. Wells epic time travel book “The Time Machine.” In that book, eventually in the far future, there is a disastrous war and the survivors move underground to end up the Morlocks which abandoning some at first glance called the Eloy. The connection between the late stage Anunnaki and mankind appears to resound this with the Anunnaki living underground and the people living over the ground.

In Closing

Due to the age of these accounts and the hundreds of years and centuries of transliteration nobody will ever know without a doubt what occurred. All the better we can do is utilize social examination and attempt as well as can be expected to deconstruct what happened. This article is an endeavor to do that, and ought to be taken as an endeavor in light of the fact that there is no reasonable response to these inquiries. What is genuinely essential here is to utilize precise interpretations or possibly the best ones that exist since it is just with those would we be able to begin to perceive what occurred or happened in those primordial occasions.